Diputaci de Girona

Girona Excellent

2016-2019 Associations.

A space in which representative bodies can work and take advantage of the synergies and complementarities, with the aim of:

# establishing an area of stable relationships between the Girona Provincial Council and the representative bodies of the different agri-food sectors in the Girona region.

# promoting and fostering the activities of the affiliated sectors through the Girona Excellent quality seal.

# preparing a specific map of the Girona agri-food sector, sharing the actions organised in this respect in Girona province.

# supporting the companies of the Girona region in seeking out their needs.

DO Empordà www.doemporda.cat

DOP Fesol de Santa PauPau (PDO Santa Pau Beans) www.fesolsdesantapau.cat

DOP Oli de l’Empordà (PDO Empordà Olive Oil) www.oliemporda.cat

IGP Poma de Girona (PGI Apple of Girona)  ca.pomadegirona.cat

Gremi d’Elaboradors de Cervesa Artesana (Craft Beer Manufacturers Guild) www.gecan.info

Gremi de Flequers de les Comarques de Girona (Girona Provincial Bakers Guild) www.flequersartesans.com

Gremi de Carnissers i Xarcuters Artesans de les Comarques de Girona (Girona Provincial Artisanal Butchers and Charcutiers Guild)  www.gremicarn.com

Associació de Productes del Ripollès (Ripollès Products Association) www.productesdelripolles.com

Confraria de Pescadors de Palamós (Palamós Fishermen’s Association) www.confraria.cat

Confraria de Pescadors de Port de la Selva. www.cpportdelaselva.com

AECORK – Associació d’Empresaris Surers de Catalunya (Catalan Association of Cork Companies) www.aecork.com