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A meal ends with the after-dinner or after-lunch conversation or time for “coffee, brandy and a cigar”. For many people, coffee is a sacred rite. It is also a universal way to start the day. One of the best perfumes known for its aromatic complexity is that of coffee. Incorporating all these aromas into the cup is one of the great challenges of the coffee industry, in order to provide maximum consumer enjoyment and especially in the critical and demanding world of gastronomy.
New extraction methods emerge every day. Innovative infusion methods to obtain the maximum organoleptic properties of coffee. We demand cream, aroma, taste, and memory. Memory plays an essential role. The memory of freshly roasted or roasting coffee.
Often sensitive people in cold areas where coffee does not grow ask why the beans arrive green and each coffee maker roasts them and why not all the coffee arrives already processed. This is because coffee is a perishable product and, once roasted, the oxidation and volatilisation of all its aromatic components begins. “Freshly-roasted” is not merely an advertising slogan.

Coffee with the 2018-2019 Girona Excel·lent seal

Espresso El Cafetí “Familia Roura”

Cafès Roura, a coffee making company created in Sant Feliu de Guíxols in 1958, presents its new line, El Cafetí, a blend of arabica grains roasted slowly and separately. This new coffee, the work of the third generation of the Roura family, is an aromatic beverage with hazelnut coloured foam, fresh acidity, an intense flavour and a very persistent aftertaste.

Category: Roasted coffee for espresso

Producer: Cafès Roura, SA


The coffee tasting jury.

Anna Vicens

President of the Catalan Association of Sommeliers

Lluís Coll

Teacher of the School of Hospitality and Tourism of Girona

Àlex Carlos

Sommelier at El Celler de Can Roca, Girona

Clara Antúnez

Barista and sommelier Assessora de La Gastronòmica

Manel Guirado

Teacher and gastronomic journalist