Diputaci de Girona

Biscuits from Camprodon and Santa Coloma de Farners.

We are a land of sweet traditions, the most eccentric and surprising of which is the sweet sausage: meat with sugar and lemon zest. The calendar is full of special dates when certain local cakes are eaten: bunyols, tortells, rabasses, flaones, coques, panellets, etc. Some of these local specialities have become very widely known: taps de Cadaqués, bisbalenc, coca de Palau-saverdera, tortell entorxat and the coca de llardons from Olot, the tortada from Banyoles and the xuixo from Girona. Some of our great chocolate and ice-cream makers have gained an international reputation.

Santa Coloma and Camprodon biscuits can be found everywhere. Those from Santa Coloma are made with almonds, sugar, eggs and flour. Camprodon biscuits are more varied and assorted.


These biscuits are our petits fours to have with coffee or dip in sweet wine or ratafia, but also to have a snack, and especially to crush and add to our delicious casseroles.

The biscuits with the permanent Girona Excellent seal

Organic Teules biscuits from Trias Galetes-Biscuits.

These tasty organic almond biscuits are made following the original, hundred-year-old recipe for the classic, traditional biscuits from Santa Coloma de Farners.

Category: permanent products

Company: Trias Galetes-Biscuits, SA


Ametllats from Galetes Birba.

This attractive metal box with an assortment of biscuits is a sweet souvenir of Camprodon. La reina, a crunchy, gluten- and lactose-free biscuit, is topped by an almond.

Category: permanent products

Company: Galetes Camprodon, SA