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Biscuits are the most transitory and timeless expression of the sweet tradition of the Girona region. The calendar is filled with special cakes, often very local and only made for annual festivals: brunyols, tortells, rabas, flaones, coques, panellets, etc. Some ultralocal specialties have become universal: the taps of Cadaqués, the Bisbalenc, the coca of Palau-saverdera, the tortell entorxat, the coca de llardons of Olot, the tortada of Banyoles and the xuixo of Girona. Of course, there are also famous chocolate and ice cream makers.

The star of the sweet tradition – because it dates back to the Middle Ages and because it is preserved pork with sugar and lemon peel, or even cinnamon – is the sweet botifarra (when it is raw) and the sweet fuet (when it has been hung and dried).

In terms of biscuits, Santa Coloma de Farners and Camprodon have an entire industry dedicated to sending boxes of biscuits around the planet. Camprodon’s biscuits are varied and assorted. Those of Santa Coloma are particularly known for their almonds.

These biscuits are perfect with tea. They are the perfect companion to a cup of coffee. They are ideal for dunking in sweet wine or ratafia. They are very good for staying your appetite and, above all, as an ingredient in a great stew.

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Trias Galetes Biscuits, a family business founded in Santa Coloma de Farners in 1908, makes these biscuits with only three ingredients: almonds, sugar and egg white, with no other secrets than the expertise acquired over a century. The history of this company is described in the Trias de les Galetes Museum, opened in 1994 in a section of the biscuit factory.

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Almond teules are the sublime expression of the history of Santa Coloma de Farners. These biscuits, based on the traditional recipe and made exclusively from almonds, sugar, flour and egg yolk, without preservatives or colouring, are the classic product of the Trias family business, which began to market biscuits in tin boxes in 1910.

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Birba are the famous biscuits from Camprodon. And neules are one of the classic sweet products in Catalan gastronomy, documented since the Middle Ages. Without preservatives, colouring or palm oil, the neules are made with natural ingredients, by hand one by one, so they are irregularly shaped and are not cut at the ends.

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Producer: Galetes Camprodon, SA


Mint neulets with apple


The third and fourth generation of this century-old business, founded by Joaquim Trias i Vila, has created a short neula filled with almond praline with apple and mint, as a refreshing tea pastry. With a 4,500 m² plant, prepared to export its products all over the world, this company still has links to the region, as the neulet contains dried Granny Smith apples from Poma de Girona PGI.

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