Diputaci de Girona

Local drinks.

The new century has brought a boom in craft drinks. It used to be thought that beer could only be industrially produced, and large facilities were required to manufacture it. On the other hand, most people thought that ratafia was something made by farmers and experts in botany. However, microbreweries have begun to appear throughout the region, with more than thirty ales, and ratafia has emerged from farmhouses and the shelves of bars in remote parts of Catalonia, to become a fashionable drink, even in trendy cocktail bars.

There are several fairs dedicated to craft ales and specialised establishments where they may be enjoyed (birriteques and cerveteques). Ratafia, which has always been present at fairs, is a sector where new producers and brands appear every year.


Entrepreneurs have started to revive the art of distilling, with the appearance of new gins, an apple producer is promoting the idea of cider, and hop plantations have flourished, as a result of this emerging industry.

Local drinks with the 2016-2017 Girona Excel·lent seal

Ratafia Russet.

Produced in Olot, this is the most popular ratafia on the market. This brand survived when the drink had fallen out of favour. It is made using traditional artisan methods of maceration, ageing and filtering.

Category: liqueurs

Company: Xavier Codina SL


Marina – Costa Brava Beer.

Fresh, light, delicate, and hoppy with citrus notes, this ale holds the essence of the Mediterranean. It is produced by Brewers Brothers, established in Blanes in 2010.

Category: beer

Company: Brewers Brothers SL


Mooma Cider.

Agroalimentaria Mas Saulot, a three- generation company of fruit farmers in Palau- Sator, is committed to innovation, highlighted by its young, fresh, fruity and sparkling American-style cider.

Category: local drink, unique specialities

Company: Agroalimentaria Mas Saulot, SL


The judging panel of the local drinks tasting.

Xavier Amat

Ratafia Association of Santa Coloma de Farners

Gonzalo Herrero

Director of the Girona School of Hospitality and Tourism

Joan Carbó

Agricultural engineer and distiller (El Celler de Can Roca)

Evarist March

Gastro-botanical consultant and manager of Naturalwalks

Toni Lavado

El Primer Glop De Cervesa Brewery