Diputaci de Girona

Girona Excellent is the agri-food quality seal of Diputació de Girona that distinguishes the best products from Girona province. The selected products are made entirely in the counties of Girona province and are chosen through blind tastings by the best chefs, oenologists and food critics.


Chosen in twelve blind tastings.

70 products from 46 different companies were chosen in May and June during blind tastings, one for each category of selected products: water, anchovies, rice, local drinks, coffee, preserves, sausages, foie gras, biscuits, dairy products, olive oil and wines and dessert wines.

The tasters.

The key figure in the project.

The tasters are the people in charge of evaluating, through blind tastings, the products chosen to bear the Girona Excellent stamp. Their knowledge and experience determine the quality and standard of the products.

The excellence of the territory.

Our land is the source of a varied, diverse and almost self-sufficient cuisine with numerous local ingredients.